Harry Jay ®iginals 

When you first meet Harry Jay, you know he is an ®iginal just like the wearable art he creates. Harry is quite a character with his Pink colored bubble sunglasses or his cowboy hat and leather fringed jacket From the East Coast to California, people know of Harry Jay! They say "Oh he is that ... Latin DJ... writer... drummer... inventor and award winning photographer/painter ... embroider/designer... fashion designer... most recently ... jeweler ... and singer with a new CD soon to be released.

What folks have mentioned about Harry is that he is a man before his time. The public needs to observe him because he has his ear to the ground constantly and knows ahead of time "what is to come" in the way of fashion/jewelry and music. Harry Jay markets his ®iginals to the general public and to businesses all across the country with an eye on marketing to the citizens of the world, via the Internet. This humorous man is multitalented, multilingual and multifaceted. There is not much he cannot accomplish when he sets his mind to it. He has a saying ... "Remember, the bitterness of a poor quality job remains long after the sweetness of a low price." What does the Harry Jay ®iginals wearable art, comprise of? It is a simple yet complex question to answer.

Simply put, he embroiders threads that sparkle for the fashion conscious woman, man, child or business. From intricate designs on leather jackets, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, to beautiful wall hangings with hidden themes and messages (these have always been a hit for Harry). The complexity mentioned above, comes in when he embroiders with the use of appliqué. How many threads does he use? That's the secret! He created a technique in which he does more with less thread but makes the garment look so rich and full. These designs helped to educate the embroidery industry that the computerized machines were capable of beautiful art Variations of stitch length, patterns and direction as well as careful color and shading selections add a realistic look to the designs. Harry also creates "industry excitement." through the use of appliqué with the blending of thread and fabric. He ads an underlay of foil to cast a hint more sparkle to the garment or product He also uses fake fur in wildlife designs and deep velvets enhance the head of a mallard and corduroy brings out the ruggedness of a wild stallion. Yet, with all of this versatility, the embroidered pattern remains the same creating a consistent quality, because the design is stored for virtually unlimited runs on the computerized machines. Although some of the designs are computerized, Harry Jay ®iginals is just that... original to you or your business? He is a "creative"; hence you can put yourself in his hands and be well cared for as far as “stock creation" or one of a kind products.

Additionally he does lettering, monogramming and business logos. He does it ALL with style, spirit and humor.

Harry Jay has created a line of specialized jewelry with the Latin musician or Latin music lover in mind. You can wear beautiful 3 red conga drums adorned with rich Austrian Crystals or different instruments in his line that include tin-bales, bongos, Maracas. They come in various colors plus he makes good use of gold and sliver plating. He has one piece that is either one inch or two and a half inch and bigger yet a three inch "Salsa” pendant, several musical notes as pins, you must see to appreciate it! 

This ®iginal man, Harry Jay resides in beautiful ranch style home with his sweet wife "Alex” of 37 years in Wheatridge, CO. They keep the squirrels, birds, foxes and raccoons in the area fat and happy.


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Harry Jay Originals

8580 W 45th Ave.

Wheat Ridge, Colorado


Phone: (303) 422-3131

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